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I am building this site to put people with BBW/FAT WORSHIP fantasies in contact with other individuals with similar erotic thoughts. I want you to explore your LUSTFUL thoughts with other people, either by personal emails or chats, or public stories to be shared here, or whatever YOU prefer.

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On of my most reoccurring fantasies is the one of a aunt with really fat hips. 90” or more. She is very maternal and sweet. She likes to hug me tight and doesn’t mind my looks at her curves. In fact, she encourages it by lifting her skirt or unbuttoning her blouse, or wearing bikinis so everyone can see how abundant she is. To provoke me she often put her hands on her hips, letting them sink into her fat.

I’d love to role play with someone who can be this fat, curvy, maternal aunt.

Contact fatudderswidehips@yahoo.comĀ